Adoption Application Form
Pommy & Pals Dog Rescue has the best interest of the animals at heart. This non-profit society prides itself on the generosity of donations and hard work of our volunteers. One pet at a time, we hope to remove animals from being neglected, abandoned or abused, and place them into the hearts and homes of caring individuals for a second chance at a better life.

Our adoption and screening process will ensure that our pets go to loving, permanent homes that are equipped to provide the proper care. It is important that you fill out the application ENTIRELY. Any missing information will have to be provided before adoption.

Please take the time to read carefully through the terms of this application - for your protection and the protection of the animals. Please also note that approval is not guaranteed, as we work hard to find the best match, not the first match.

Adoption fees range from $250-$500 and is dependent on the health and age of the dog.

Our Adoption fee includes:
• Spay/neuter (if pet is too young; procedure will be completed when age appropriate with proof sent to Pommy & Pals)
• Health/vaccination exam from our veterinarian
• All current vaccines (to date of adoption) depending on origin of animal
• Deworming

The donation is not a fee or sale price. Because we rely on donations, we require each animal to receive an adoption fee. 100% of that fee is used to cover costs of medical care and rescuing animals. No person will profit from any animal.

Pommy & Pals Dog Rescue adopts dogs keeping age of dog in relation to age of adopter in mind.. This MUST be an age appropriate match. SENIORS ARE MATCHED WITH SENIOR DOGS.

As an adopter, you are responsible for any vaccinations and veterinary care required after time of adoption. Due to the nature of dogs being rescued, Pommy & Pals Dog Rescue is not able to guarantee the health of any animal. We do our best to determine the health and temperament of the animal while in our care. We recommend pet insurance is purchased at time of adoption.

Spay and Neuter Agreement

Spay/neuter is a MANDATORY requirement for all of our rescue dogs. No female dog will produce a litter of puppies, nor will a male be used in the breeding process either purposely or accidently. If a dog is adopted before being spay/neutered, arrangements will be made to have the dog as soon as possible.

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