Application for GLADIATOR 2021
Gladiator 2021 is July 23-25. All trials will occur by Zoom. The registration fee is $595.

Each Gladiator may have a "Second Chair" -- a silent co-counsel who will display their exhibits and demonstrative aids on screen and assist them during trial. Not only should this make displaying exhibits and demonstratives easier, but it will allow Gladiators to compete with their teammates.

If you have questions, contact
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Students graduating in 2019 are still eligible for Gladiator 2019.
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We will be ordering from Custom Ink, so these are based on adult male sizes.
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Please list at least one parent's email address. If more than one parent would like to receive tournament information, please separate the email addresses with a semi-colon.
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Please write the names of any coaches that should receive information about the Gladiator (such as the case) if you are accepted.
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Many competitors like to communicate before the tournament to set up scrimmages, carpool, find roommates, and coordinate post-tournament Disneyland visits.
Registration is $595. If you would be able to attend without a scholarship, leave this section blank. If a full or partial scholarship would affect your ability to participate, please state the scholarship amount you are requesting and the circumstances that support your request. We will keep this confidential.
Time to brag!
We're looking for a world champion. Don't be shy.
Tell us about your team's successes. *
(If your school has attended Gladiator before, you can leave this section blank.) This can include success this season and historically. Specific answers are best. (400 character limit)
Tell us about your experience. *
What mock trial roles have you played? Attorney? Witness? Have you opened? Closed? What kinds of witnesses have you portrayed? (400 character limit)
Tell us about your mock trial accomplishments. *
Did you close in the state finals? Did you receive an outstanding witness award? Be specific. (400 character limit)
Fun Fact *
We write bios for each Gladiator. Tell us something fun (and not mock trial related) about you!
Anything else we should know?
Questions? Disabilities/accommodations? Let us know.
This is totally optional, and plenty of Gladiators are accepted without submitting videos. We recommend it, though, for applicants without an attorney award at State, Nationals, or top invitationals (e.g., Empire, NorCal, Beach Ball, Providence).

The video can be from a competition, scrimmage, team practice, or even one you make for this application. iPhone videos are perfectly fine. We just want to see your skills in action.

Two minutes is ideal, but a video may not exceed 5 minutes.

If you submit a video, either post it on Youtube or upload it to Google Drive -- and then share it with
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