AIAB Challenge!
There are two contests for this year's AIAB. The first has to do with 'Container Design,' and the other is 'Beverage/Condiment Concept.' To compete, you simply need to submit the following info.
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Container Design Contest
You will submit a visual representation of a container that you believe should be on the market for a particular brand. You have the option of sketching the design by hand or creating the container with a graphics program. To be considered, your design must be submitted to no later than 4pm on Friday, April 28.
100 Acres Example
Beverage or Condiment Concept Contest
You will submit a concept for a beverage or condiment brand. You will share the idea of your brand with lots of detail; what you will make, how you will make it, how you will promote it, and the story you will tell when talking about the brand. To be considered, your concept must be submitted to no later than 4pm on Friday, April 28. Here is a good example of a great concept:
Reyka Example
Thanks to Tales of the Cocktail for this great shot and story...
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