Think Epic Dreams (TED)
Здружението на граѓани СмартАп(SmartUp) - Платформа за поддршка и развој на ИКТ културата и афирмација на претприемништво од Скопје, објавува отворен повик за 5 учесника од Македонија на младинската размена на тема "Think Epic Dreams".

Обуката ќе се одржи во Градот Коронини (Coronini), Романија од 8-ми до 17-ти јули 2016, во рамки на програмата Еразмус+ од Европската Комисија.

Сместувањето и храната се целосно покриени од страна на организаторите, како и патните трошоци до 80 евра. Услов за учество е пријавените да имаат над 18 години и да се способни да комуницираат на англиски јазик, бидејќи тој е работен јазик на проектот.

Во продолжение прочитајте повеќе детали за проектот, а доколку сте заинтересирани да учествувате на обуката, пополнете го следниов апликационен формулар или доколку имате прашање контактирајте не на со назнака „Think Epic Dreams“.

Повикот трае до 20 јуни 2016 година.
Повеќе информации за NGO SmartUp:


Think Epic Dreams is a project made for 35 participants coming from 7 countries: Romania, Czech Republic, FYR of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Spain and Turkey. The project is imagined to push young people over their limitations and boundaries, make them leave their comfort zone in a non-formal way of working. In this project we will teach young people different ways of self-presentation, show them inspirational elevator pitches and later in the project, participants will get the opportunity to work in teams in creation of final product and public event. The main goal is to help participants feel comfortable in public speaking, in self presentation and to help them shake their imagination in ways of presentation. That is supposed to help participants in the future, when it comes to job interviews or presentations of any kind, help to expand their search for employment, places and things where they can be active.

Presentation-speech-language creation challenges us to use our intellect, talents of our mind in combination with our humanity, gifts in our heart to do meaningful work that feeds our soul. Words are free. Speech is powerful, speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel. In this learning process, the participants will be able to make their audience hear, see, taste and feel the experience they went through. Their speech and self presentation will be both performance and conversation. In this project we will show participants coming from different backgrounds it is ok if they still have not decided what they want to do in life, this is a place where we will offer them inspiration. Every day is a great time to start. Even if we make mistakes, we should make them glorious, amazing, fantastic, mistakes that will provoke us to be better. After all, work will take a huge part of our lifetime, this is our chance to get inspired to find the right kind of work for us, and this time, when opportunity comes knocking, we will be ready to take it on.


(a) Creating a friendly, inspirational, creative space for sharing and learning for 35 participants from 7 countries (Activities Day 1).
(b) Teaching 28 participants and 7 leaders about learning and reflecting on the process of perceiving information and how do we use it (Activities Day 2).
(c) Helping 35 participants overcome obstacles/language or social barriers/when it comes to talking about themselves/ promoting well being and healthy behaviors trough inter-cultural dialogue/ increasing international dimension of participants (Day 3 - elevator pitch).
(d) Improving presentation skills to get rid of stage freight (Day 4 - Silent theater and LARP).
(e) Getting to know local young people and promote our activity and outcomes (Day 5 - City game)
(f) Offering 35 participants the chance to use the gained knowledge in creative workshops and creating outcomes on the topics of public presentation, self-presentation, creating a speech, and creating outcomes that promote active participation and raising awareness of opportunities for youth (day 6 and 7 creating outcomes).
(g) Promoting cultural awareness for the 35 participants during the implementation of the exchange (Each day of the exchange).

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