Lisa's Place
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Lisa’s Place is our place! It’s the only transgender center in Santa Barbara for our transgender, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming communities, as well as our families, friends, and allies. Lisa’s Place welcomes people of all gender expressions and is open to ages 18+. Teens are invited to contact us about getting on our youth group list by completing this form.

The goal of Lisa’s Place is to provide friendship and support to Central Coast trans people through chat circles and activities. We are currently meeting online, primarily using Zoom. Lisa's Place meets regularly on Zoom:

-Mondays 5-7 PM
-Thursdays 7-9 PM
-Saturdays 6-9 PM

And Discord:

-Wednesdays 4-6 PM

Hours are subject to change throughout the year as the groups require. Check our calendar of events for up to date info on groups and meeting times!

Lisa’s Place is a safe space. It is both very friendly and very private. Whether you’re out and confident or closeted and shy. Or just simply curious. We will welcome you with open arms and respect.

Note: The meeting information is not sent as an automatic response, so it may not come in immediately.
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Please read and agree to these guidelines, which we will review in the meeting: Lisa's Places is a safe space for transgender and gender nonconforming adults. This is a peer-led group, not therapy or a crisis group. Everyone should treat each other with respect, offer compassion generously, and give advice sparingly. All participants are expected follow instructions from facilitators, moderators, or staff. Anything said at Lisa's Place is strictly confidential. Do not repeat anything said in this group outside of the meeting. Do not record, screenshot, or share on social media any portion of this meeting.
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