Engagement and Accessibility Survey*
The purpose of this survey is to understand existing and potential barriers to accessing Pittsburghers for Public Transit’s (PPT) events and meetings and to participating once you get there. Many of you have worked with PPT but aren’t currently attending meetings or working on campaigns. We miss you! We hope to learn how we can better engage riders and operators in Allegheny County in our efforts to expand and defend public transit. The information you share here will be confidential and known only to PPT staff and a few select PPT members. We will use this information to improve the accessibility of our meetings and campaigns. The survey includes roughly 40 questions and it should take you about 15 minutes to complete.

* If you prefer to fill out a paper copy, need a large print copy, need the survey in another language, or need any other accommodations, email: Toni Haraldsen taharaldsen@gmail.com *

* If you prefer to fill this out over the phone, call or text to set up a time: Jessica Benner at 3042687672 *

* Si prefiere completar una copia en papel, necesita una copia en letra grande, necesita la encuesta en otro idioma o necesita cualquier otra adaptación, envíe un correo electrónico a: Toni Haraldsen taharaldsen@gmail.com *

* Si prefiere completar esto por teléfono, llame o envíe un mensaje de texto para programar una hora: Jessica Benner al 3042687672 *
About you (Optional)
This section is totally optional. In this section you will provide information about yourself. If you would prefer not to, you can complete the survey anonymously and skip this section.
Your name and pronouns (optional)
Preferred email address (optional)
Preferred phone number (optional)
Interests and Current Level of Engagement (4 questions) [Required]
In this section you will tell us a little about your engagement with PPT and transit interests.
1. When was the last time you attended a meeting? [choose one] *
2. When was the last time that you worked on a project or campaign with PPT? [choose one] *
3. Why do you care about public transit? [check all that apply] *
4. What topics are you interested in? [check all that apply] *
4a. If you chose “Getting better transit in my neighborhood”, tell us more:
Individual Preferences and Needs (9 questions) [Required]
In this section you will answer questions on things you might need or like to make meetings more accessible.
5. What is the best way for YOU to receive information on PPT meetings? [choose one] *
6. Do you need American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation? [choose one] *
7. Do you use a screen reader to access print materials and digital content? [choose one] *
8. Would you like a braille copy of printed materials? [choose one] *
9. Would you like a large print copy of printed materials? [choose one] *
10. Which of these items do you need or want to have closed captioned? [choose one] *
11. Do you fluently speak or write in any other languages? If so which ones? *
12. Would you like to have short breaks during monthly meetings? [choose one] *
12a. If you chose sometimes, please explain:
13. Do you need a ride to meetings or events that are in-person? [choose one] *
13a. If you chose yes or sometimes, please explain:
Regular Meeting Time (2 questions) [Required]
In this section you will answer questions on the timings of monthly meetings.
14. Do you have difficulty attending meetings at PPT’s traditional time of 7:00-8:30 pm on the second Wednesday of each month? [choose one] *
14a. If you chose yes or sometimes, please explain or tell us a better time each month:
15. Which of these are good for you to attend PPT meetings and events IN PERSON? [check all that apply] *
Attending Meetings In-Person at One Smithfield (6 questions) [Required]
In this section you will answer questions on the barriers that might impact your ability to attend meetings in-person.
16. Does the location of the meetings at One Smithfield Street in downtown Pittsburgh impact your ability to attend? [choose one] *
16a. If you chose yes, tell us why:
17. I would be more likely to attend in-person meetings if: [check all that apply] *
18. We often provide light snacks during the meetings at One Smithfield. Do you have any food allergies or any specific dietary needs? [choose one] *
18a. If you chose yes, tell us about your needs:
19. Please list three (3) light food choices you prefer: *
20. PPT currently serves food on a self-service potluck table. Do you have any suggestions or needs (e.g., food allergy) related to how the food is served at in-person meetings?
21. Are there other things that impact your ability to attend meetings in-person? Please explain.
Barriers to Virtual Meetings on Zoom (6 questions) [Required]
In this section you will answer questions on barriers that impact your ability to attend meetings virtually.
22. Do you feel comfortable using technology like Zoom? [choose one] *
22a. If you chose No, tell us why:
23. What technology do you have available to connect to the virtual meetings on Zoom? [check all that apply] *
24. Do you prefer or need an option to connect by phone to the meeting? [choose one] *
24a. If you chose Yes or Sometimes, please explain.
25. What options would you like to use to register and receive information on how to attend PPT virtual meetings? [check all that apply] *
26. Do you have access to a reliable internet connection to join the meetings? [choose one] *
27. Are there other things that impact your ability to attend virtual meetings? Please explain.
Barriers to Participation (13 questions) [Required]
In this section you will answer questions on barriers that may impact your ability to participate in meetings once you get there.
28. Do you get nervous speaking in front of people? [choose one] *
29. Do you prefer to meet in smaller groups? [choose one] *
29a. If you chose yes, please explain.
30. Do you think that people in PPT might not respect your ideas? [choose one] *
31. Do you feel that you lack information about topics discussed in the meetings? [choose one] *
32. Do you want to be able to review documents discussed in the meetings ahead of time? [choose one] *
33. Have you ever faced any difficulty in following presentations made at meetings? [choose one] *
33a. If you chose yes, what kind of difficulties have you experienced? [check all that apply]
34. Are there other things that impact your ability to participate in meetings? Please explain.
35. Do you feel that there aren’t ways for you to participate in campaigns and events? [choose one] *
35a. If you chose yes, are there ways which you would like to participate that are not available? What are they?
36. Do you feel like you need extra skills to participate in campaigns or events? [choose one] *
37. What skills do you want to learn or practice? [check all that apply] *
38. What skills do you have that you can share with PPT? *
39. Are there things we can do to ensure that you feel safe at our meetings and events?
40. Do you have any comments or information you would like to share? Anything we forgot to ask?
Thank you for your responses. We will work with you on making PPT a more accessible organization.
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