Fall Connect Courses
We are thrilled you have decided to do life with us for the four Wednesdays in November.
Four Consecutive Wednesdays, 5:30 - 7:30pm starting on November 7th.
Cost $20/adult
Should you have any questions please email pastormikedueck@gmail.com.
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God's Word
Instructor: Tony Brennan

Tony will be taking you through a study of the power of God’s Word. Taking a look at the power of His Word in creation, to the Word becoming flesh, to the regeneration that we experience through God’s Word, and the power of God’s Word to sustain us in life.

Part of experiencing the powerful Word of God in a way that is transforming, is to continue to grow in your understanding of the Bible. Sowing seeds of Truth into our hearts and minds is necessary for the Truth to begin to take root and change how we think and believe.

Instructors - Pastor Jeremy & Pastor Mike

Have you ever had moments when your behaviour reveals an emotional level that is below what you’d hoped for? We all have. It’s because our emotional health, our “being”, can’t keep up with the fast paced life we live, our “doing”. And a huge part of the question is this - Is our “being with God” sufficient to sustain our “doing for God”? Using two books, The Emotionally Healthy Leader, and Didn’t See It Coming, we’ll take a look at how we can live both emotionally and spiritually healthy lives. Let’s consider how slowing down can help us go farther and propel us into greater things, instead of doing more at an unsustainable pace.

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God's Word - Tony Brennan
Anchored - Pastors Jeremy & Mike
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God's Word - Tony Brennan
Anchored - Pastors Jeremy & Mike
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Childcare (up to 4yrs)
Rock Solid Faith (5-11 yrs)
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General Info (Cost/Supper and Times) - please read
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$20/adult (includes all 4 weeks)
Children - by donation

*Note: The Midweek Youth Service will still be going as they've regularly scheduled at 7:00pm in the Chapel. So there will not be a separate Youth Class during Connect but they are more than welcome to join in one of the Adult Courses before Midweek begins.

If there's any info about you or your child(ren) that is necessary for us to know (ie. allergies), please indicate below. We cannot guarantee that specialized food will be provided due to diet or allergies, but we will try and accommodate you when possible. Payment can be made at any of our weekend services at the Info Desk or at the Connect Course itself.

All Connect Courses will be held at the COG Campus where our offices are located. (aka IBC - 401 Trinity Lane, Moose Jaw) for four consecutive weeks, starting on Wednesday, November 7th @ 5:30pm - 7:30pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

In advance, we want to acknowledge and thank our instructors for their time and effort to prepare and facilitate these courses, as well as our volunteer cooks for lovingly preparing the food each week.

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