Competitive Interest Questionnaire
Please fill out this competitive interest form with your gymnast to help give us an idea of where they stand competitively. Philly inMovement is associated with 2 USAG competitive tracks: Xcel and Junior Olympic, which might be different then what you've competed in before. This form will be used to give our coaches an idea of which competitive track, level, and group to try to place your gymnast in, but the real test will be in person after your gymnast gets back into the swing of things!
Gymnast's Name and Age *
Parent's Name *
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What level did you compete this past season? Or please state if you were on your gym's Pre-Team.
What level are you hoping to compete next season?
How many years have you competed in gymnastics?
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In general, are you interested in 1.5 hour zoom gymnastics practices 1-3 times a week? (No equipment needed)
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Gymnasts, feel free to introduce yourself and list any skills you currently have or were working towards achieving!
How much exercise/gymnastics have you done since mid March?
Little to no physical activity
I've been doing gymnastics in my house/outside all day every day, plus zoom classes, plus conditioning
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How serious are you about gymnastics? Understanding Philly inMovement has a place for everyone!
Not very serious, I do it just for fun and love the social aspect
Very serious, I am committed to being a high leveled gymnast
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