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This form allows you to submit sermon notes online for catechism class at Saint Peter Lutheran Church & School.
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Fill out the following questions to the best of your ability, but please write completely and thoughtfully. Please write in complete sentences. Write the number of sentences that are indicated. Please feel free to write more, if you desire.
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What did the pastor say to make the Bible text stick with you? (3 Sentences) *
How did this sermon show you your sin or the effects of sin in the world? (3 Sentences) *
What did the pastor say about how Jesus saved you in the sermon? (3 sentences) *
Sermons are meant to transform your life. How does God want to transform your life with this sermon? (3 sentences) *
If this sermon was from a holiday/festival (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, etc.), what made it special compared to other sermons? (3 sentences)
Note: If it wasn’t a special service, then skip this question.
Give this sermon a grade from A+ to F, based on how well it explained and applied God’s Word to you. *
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