2017 Plant & Garden Fair Volunteer Registration
Volunteer rolls that end with ** are appropriate for high school students as well as adults. We encourage you to recruit a friend to volunteer with you! Be sure to click the SUBMIT button at the end of this form.

Thank you for volunteering!

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Roles and Shift Times
Please indicate your role and shift choices by clicking the box next to any shift times and roles you are willing to take.
Vendor Welcome & Logistics
Welcome vendors at event entrances and assist them in finding their booth spaces. Supervise unloading zones to ensure access for all vendors. Supervise exit barricades to prevent vendors from entering at the designated exits. Facilitate and handle logistics as needed.
Coffee, Donut & Errand Walker - SPOTS FILLED
Pick up and deliver coffee and donuts by foot to vendors and volunteers manning vendor entrances and exits (between 3rd & 5th and Adams & Everett). You'll get your exercise done early!
Vendor Helpers & Logistics **
Help with vendor unloading of product and booth equipment. Help vendors carry items to their spaces.
Runners **
Run errands for the event coordinators as needed.
Kid's Zone Helpers **
Assist in the Kid's Fun Zone or run errands as needed. Activities include arts & crafts, planting activities and petting zoo.
Potting Station Volunteer
Assist customers at the potting station, help with planting of purchased items. (Helps if you have knowledge about container plants.)
Plant Holding Area Monitor
Monitor the plant holding area to answer questions. The scout troop will be doing all the work.
Raffle Ticket Sales
Walk the event as a DCA Ambassador: wear a raffle ticket sash, sell raffle tickets, answer questions, hand out Downtown walking maps and DCA calendars (You must be at least 21.))
Info Table
Table for the DCA, answer questions and sell raffle tickets
Post Event Vendor Helpers **
Help vendors pack up product and equipment and load onto their vehicles.
Exit Facilitators
Supervise vendor exits to prevent cars from entering the event area while vendors are leaving.
Break Down Helpers **
Pick up DCA cones and signs, pack up DCA table booths, carry signs and supplies back to the DCA office.
Total Hours *
Maximum hours I can spend volunteering on event day:
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Video Skills? **
Are you a skilled videographer who would like to help make a video that can be used to showcase the Camas Plant & Garden Fair?
T-Shirt Size **
We give volunteers who work over 5 hours a free souvenir T-Shirt to wear during the event! Please tell us your shirt size so we can make sure we have enough :).
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Volunteer Acceptance *
Please type your full name below to show that you agree to accept the duties and responsibilities as stated above.
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