Spiritual Health & Activity–Self-Checkup
Part 5: Repentance of your sins
Acts 2
Who did Peter say that the Jews had crucified?
When Peter said this, what happened to their hearts?
When they asked "What must we do," what two things did Peter say that they must do to have their sins forgiven?
Acts 20
What had Paul previously taught the Ephesians?
Galatians 5
Do you have an accurate understanding of each of the "Works of the Flesh" that are listed above?
If a person practices any of the "Works of the Flesh," what will happen to them?
If a person refuses to repent of their sins, where will they spend eternity?
If a person gets the question of "Repentance" wrong, how serious could it be?
Have you repented of all the "Works of the Flesh," (your evil thoughts, malicious words, and sinful actions)?
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