2018-19 Athletic Registration
This form must be completed once per school year before the child's first sport practice.
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What East Linn Sport(s) Does Your Child Plan on Doing? Both genders offered unless noted. *
This is not a commitment, we understand your child may change his/her mind.
Athletic Policy Agreement (Name & Date) *
By typing your full name and today's date below, you agree that you have read and understand the East Linn Christian Academy Athletic Policy (available online at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UlqvF3csFKay4ZzraKGFO9wTMGMDrBKK/view?usp=sharing) form with your child. You have had an opportunity to discuss it with the athletic director and/or coach if needed. Your child agrees to follow the policies outlined and understand that they are in effect the entire year whether or not he/she is participating in athletics at the time.
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Athletic Participation Fees *
I understand that payment is required no later than the first date of competition for each sport season. I understand that my child will not be allowed to participate unless payment or payment arrangements have been made (If payment arrangements are needed, please contact the administrative secretary at (541)451-1076 x300 or elca@eastlinnchristian.org)
Pre-Participation Sports Physical *
I understand that all incoming 7th graders and anyone whose previous physical was more than 2 years ago need a physical completed by a physician and that OSAA requires sports physicals to be completed on the official form available online at http://www.osaa.org/docs/forms/PhysicalExamination-2017.pdf
Parent/Guardian Consent (Name & Date) - Athletics Consent and Release From Liability *
I understand that by typing my full name and today's date below, as the parent or guardian on the athlete named at the top of this form, that I have read Part 2 of the Athletics Consent and Release From Liability form (available at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_5upVvC2FqkXzA3bGYweG5Ubk0/view?usp=sharing) and know that it contains a release.
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Concussion - Private School Informed Consent *
By typing my full name and today's date below, I certify that: 1. I have been provided with information on concussions in high school sports in compliance with ORS 417.875 (click this link for concussion information from the Center for Disease Control http://www.cdc.gov/headsup/pdfs/custom/headsupconcussion_fact_sheet_for_parents.pdf) 2. I understand that on an annual basis, this Concussion – Private School Informed Consent shall be filled in prior to my participation.
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