PopuLLar - Student prepiloting questionnaire
Please complete this very important questionnaire before starting the project. It will be used to allow the project team to find out how well the project functions and if changes need to be made. It is your chance to say what you think about the project. Please complete as fully as possible. Many thanks for you help.
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1. How old are you? *
2. Date of birth (DD/MM/YY)? *
3. Name of your school? *
4. Name of your country? *
5. How important is music to you? *
Not important
Quite important
Very important
6a. What is your favourite type of music? *
6b. Who is your favourite band or singer? *
7. How important is learning languages to you? *
Not important
Quite important
Very important
8a. Do you use music in your language learning?   *
If you do use music you can explain how in question 8b.  If you do not use music please answer question 8c.
8b. If your answer to question 8a is YES, how do you use it?
8c. If your answer to question 8a is NO, why do you think it could be helpful to use it?
9. Do you play a musical instrument? *
10. Do you ever make videos? *
With a mobile phone or video camera.
11. Do you ever write anything on the Internet ? *
Blogs, wikis, poems, stories, songs.
12. Do you upload files on the web? *
Video, audio, texts
13. Do you think the PopuLLar project will be fun and easy?   *
It will be fun
It will be easy
14. What are your expectations for the PopuLLar project? *
Thank you from the PopuLLar team
Many thanks for your help. There will be another questionnaire at the end of the project to see how you feel about what you have done.
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