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Aavistus Festival is an international biennial of audiovisual art and VJ culture that will be held for the third time on 3–6 October 2024. 

The festival is looking for VJ performances, audiovisual live performances, media artworks, installations, workshops, talks and children's programme to be presented at its venues Valkoinen Sali, WHS Teatteri Union and Helsinki City Museum in Helsinki, Finland.


1. Relation to the festival theme "At the points of interconnection" and/or its subthemes.
2. Works with a strong & interesting idea, concept or message.
3. Diversity in artworks: original ideas, styles and (innovative) techniques.


1. You may only submit one entry per each category, meaning maximum 6 entries in total. 
2. Submissions are free of charge.
3. The festival will pay a fee per each selected performance/artwork. The fee will be a minimum of 50-200 €, depending on type of work (see category-specific information below). The final amount will be confirmed based on grants and ticket sales. Taxes and other deductions apply. Aavistus Festival ry does not cover the travel or accommodation costs.
4. The artist is responsible for following best practices in terms of copyright.


The audiovisual live performance will last for 30-60 minutes. You or your group will perform both music and visuals in real time on stage at WHS Teatteri Union on either Thursday the 3rd, Friday the 4th or Sunday the 6th of October or in Valkoinen Sali on the 5th of October 2024. You will have about 20 minutes for setup and a longer sound/video check earlier in the day. You are expected to bring your own tools for performing, e.g. computer(s), instruments. The venue provides the video projector, screen and the PA. The festival can provide limited technical support for AV live performances, including extra video projectors, screens or lights. The festival crew includes professional sound, video and light technicians.

Minimum fee for audiovisual live performance: 150 €

See submission forms for VJ performances, artworks and installations, projection mapping and workshops at

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Preferred pronouns of contact person / Yhteyshenkilön persoonapronomini, jota toivoo käytettävän englanniksi viitatessa
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What elements will your AV live include?  Mitä elementtejä AV-konsertissasi on? *
Which year was/will the performance be created? / Minä vuonna esitys on valmistunut?
Has it been shown in Helsinki capital region before? / Onko se esitetty pääkaupunkiseudun alueella aikaisemmin?
If yes, when and where? / Jos on, missä ja milloin?
If not, will it be premiered at Aavistus Festival 2024? / Jos ei ole, tuleeko Aavistuksesta teoksen ensiesitys?
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Link to video of proposed or previous work / Linkki videoon tarjotusta tai aikaisemmasta työstä *
Which festival themes does your work relate to? / Mihin festivaalin teemoihin teoksesi liittyy?
Description for the theme At the points of interconnection can be found at
Please elaborate on how your work relates to the selected themes / Kuvaile, miten työsi liittyy valitsemiisi teemoihin
Estimated duration of performance / Esityskokonaisuuden arvioitu kesto *
Technical requirements in terms of video and projection. What equipment do you need from us and what can you bring yourself? / Tarvittava tekniikka: video ja projisointi. Mitä tuot itse ja mitä tarvitset meiltä? *
Technical requirements in terms of audio. What equipment do you need from us and what can you bring yourself? / Tarvittava tekniikka: ääni. Mitä tuot itse ja mitä tarvitset meiltä? *
Other requirements, e.g. in terms of lights, desk space, electricity, props used. / Mitä muuta tarvitaan, esim. valaistus, pöytätilan ja sähkön tarve, käytettävä rekvisiitta.
How much time is needed for setting up on location? / Kuinka kauan esitys tarvitsee ennakkovalmisteluja ja rakentamista paikan päällä? *
Additional information / Lisätiedot
How did you hear about Aavistus Festival? / Mistä kuulit Aavistus Festivalista?
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