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Summary: High-Rise, High-Density Development Proposal (Kylli project): 30+ story, 370 foot tall complex of 27 buildings totaling 10 million square feet. 40% is office & hotel, remaining 60% is for 6000 dense housing units. 650 feet from edge of Adobe Wells community, 500 feet from the corner of Tasman & Great America. This would increase residences in Santa Clara north of 101 from the current 3000 units to 9000 units in a small area, and a shock this extreme would severely affect traffic and other social infrastructure nearby. Our petition request is to limit the height to 170 feet, based on the precedent of the tallest Santa Clara structure of the 14 story Hyatt hotel. (Details in section 6 below)
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6) Optional: The counter-proposal to the current 370 foot Kylli project is to limit the height to 170 feet, based on the precedent of the tallest nearby structure of the 14 story Hyatt hotel. It's important to offer a reasonable compromise with some underlying basis because it's not realistic to expect anyone to agree with a request to "Don't develop anything". That said, even 170 feet (ie. 4.5 million square feet vs. 10 million) may seem like too much for our local residents to bear. Do you have any other suggestion for a better counter-proposal? If so, tell us. Be specific on your counter-proposal and the justification why the City of Santa Clara would want to consider it.
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