Beyond Scale Candidate Review
Candidate Name
Expected Compensation (per annum)
Technical Skill
React/Javascript/Python/Citrix other technical skills that they use day to day in this role
Clear selection
Engineering decision making ability
e.g. Evaluating and choosing libraries
Clear selection
Git Workflow Familiarity
Important for devs
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Predicting failure scenarios
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Clarity of Communication
Vocabulary, Precision and to a lesser extent Pronunciation
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Common sense
Not believing bullshit just because the manager said so
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CVs are inflated. How much is real?
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Passion for great work
Great craftsmen are fundamentally driven by a need to do great work
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Tinkering with things
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How far have they come?
If the candidate is from a disadvantaged circumstance, then how far they came is a great signal of how far they'll go.
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