Winter Retreat Release Form 2020
To participate in the Challenge Course elements, Tubing Hills, Ice Skating, Broomball, Trap Shooting, Canoeing excursions, off campus out-trips at Inspiration Hills or hosted by Inspiration Hills. (from here on to be referred to as IH), participants must sign the consent form below.

1) Assumption of Risk: I want to participate in the challenge or canoeing experiences at IH, horseback riding , Winter activities, or traveling by vehicle to out-trip even though I know there are risks involved, including the risk of serious injury or death. I am willing to assume those risks and any other risk incidental to the program. \

2) Release of Responsibility: In consideration of the opportunity to participate in these activities, I will not hold IH, its directors, employees, or agents responsible or legally liable for any injuries to my person or property or the results thereof, incurred and suffered as a result of my participation in any of the activities or program of IH.

3) Willingness to Follow Instructions: I understand that IH will provide the necessary safety equipment and personnel trained to supervise participation in these activities. I agree to use this equipment as directed and to observe and follow all rules and guidelines for participation in these programs as directed by the IH. I further agree that any failure to do so on my part may prevent my participation in these activities.

4) Fitness to Participate: I certify that I have no physical or mental condition that would prohibit my participation in these activities. If I am now or have been in the past under treatment for any physical conditions listed above, I will discuss it with the supervisor of the activity and yield to his or her judgment as to whether I should participate.

I understand that my participation in tubing hills, broomball, ice skating, trap shooting, challenge course, canoeing, horseback or off campus activities is entirely voluntary, and that I may excuse myself from participation if I so desire. I also consent to the taking of pictures and their use for promotional material at IH.
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