A survey on the availability of IT infrastructure for Supervised Online Examinations
Dear Student,

We conducted unsupervised alternative paper based assessment method for the final year students since they had only a few subjects to complete their degree programmes. The method has its own limitations that we cannot avoid impersonation and other malpractices of students. Therefore, the faculty decided to have only supervised examinations for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. However, it is not possible to have the examinations physically in the University during this pandemic period. Thus, we are examining the possibility of conducting supervised online examinations. In an supervised online examination, the students will be supervised (monitor) through a video conference system (Zoom or Team) during the whole examination. Therefore, as an online candidate, the student should be able to have an environment that is shown in Figure 1.

We have prepared a small questionnaire to collect data about the availability of the necessary infrastructure and the environment for students. Please respond to the following google form at your earliest convenience to make arrangements to conduct supervised online examinations. Please note that if it is not possible we will be forced to postpone the examination until the environment permit us to have examinations physically in the University.

Thank you
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Figure 1: The required environment for an online examination
Please carefully read the above description and answer the following questions (Sub questions are related to Figure 1) *
I can arrange when required
I cannot arrange at all
I have a computer (laptop, desktop, notebook, tablet , smart phone etc) [first device in Figure 1] to view the downloaded question paper.
I have a smart phone/laptop with a strong and uninterrupted Internet connection [Second device in Figure 1] to connect to a Zoom meeting with audio and video.
a room/private space which is quiet and free from interruptions and with a desk, a comfortable chair, and adequate lighting.
I am in a position to use a tripod, a phone stand, or any other method to fix the smart phone [Second device in Figure 1] in a place about 4-5 feet height to get the view specified in Figure 1.
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