Wildcat 91.9 Open Mic Registration
Fill out this short form to secure your spot on Wildcat 91.9's Open Mic Program. Please arrive to Wildcat 91.9's satellite studio in the Union (room 58) a few minutes early and fill out a card in the lobby. Online registration is not required but guarantees you will have a spot on the program! Open Mic airs every Friday, noon-1 PM, excluding university holidays. Feel free to bring posters, talking points, etc. to promote your organization or event.
Please note:
Due to number of interview requests, we ask that you apply at least one week in advance. We will try to accommodate you for the day you select, but if a show is already full you may be asked to reschedule.
Email (just to contact you if we need to reschedule)
Date (must be a Friday)
Time (interviews usually last about 10 minutes), will be within the following time blocks:
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