Scotland's Moorland Forum: Langholm - A Call for Responses
Shooting is a powerful incentive for maintaining management that benefits heather dominated moorland habitats and species. But do we want such moorlands, can we reconcile this with shooting and can there be enough grouse to shoot?
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Heather or something else?
Are Scotland’s heather moorlands a desirable ‘signature landscape’ or do we seek something else that reflects our uplands?
How can we maintain the physical links between moorland landscapes but also recognise woodland expansion goals?
Paying for management – heather moors need sustained management to be maintained and support a thriving ecosystem.
Other than the current model of grouse shooting, who will pay, how much will they pay and what actions will they pay for in order to maintain heather dominated moorlands?
Is it realistic that grouse shooters pay more for the birds shot and enjoy smaller bags as a way to maintain the funding of skilled moorland managers?
Are further incentives or regulations needed to support or limit moorlands?
Balancing outcomes and practical management
Is it possible to have birds of prey and grouse shooting on a moor at levels which satisfy both shooting and good conservation principles?
Recovering grouse from low densities to numbers and breeding success that allows shooting is hard. What is needed to prevent decline and aid recovery from low levels?
What changes to current management should there be to manage predation pressure on grouse and other ground nesting birds?
What guidance and knowledge should the ‘Best Practice Moorland Management’ website offer?
And finally
Does the Langholm Moor have messages for other moors?
How should we communicate your and other’s views and who to?
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