Letter of Support - St. Johns Welcomes the Village Coalition
PLEASE SIGN BELOW IF YOU AGREE WITH THIS LETTER OF SUPPORT. We will share names and comments with the neighborhood and on our webpage.

WE ARE ST. JOHNS NEIGHBORS. We are renters, homeowners, and houseless neighbors. We are business owners, workers, and unemployed. We are kids, parents, family members, and educators of children, including students at nearby schools.

WE BELIEVE HOUSING IS A HUMAN RIGHT, and that all of us, in every neighborhood, have a responsibility to work together until everyone has safe, decent, affordable housing.

WE SUPPORT THE PROPOSAL for a tiny-home village on the property of St. Johns Christian Church. This is to be a professionally designed and supported village of transitional housing, including electricity, water/sewer, garbage service, etc. (See http://ahomeforeveryone.net/stjohnsvillage)

Like other St. Johns neighbors, we have questions about the details of this new project. WE HAVE FAITH THAT WE CAN CONSTRUCTIVELY WORK THOSE OUT AS A NEIGHBORHOOD.

WE RECOGNIZE THE HUMANITY OF OUR NEIGHBORS EXPERIENCING HOMELESSNESS, and we reject false and harmful stereotypes about them. The crisis of homelessness could happen to any of us, due to the high cost of housing, stagnant wages, a fractured health care system, and other risk factors. Many of our housed neighbors are barely hanging on.

WE RESPECT HAZELNUT GROVE AS A ROLE MODEL OF INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY that includes self-governance and accountability, and participation in community efforts to keep the neighborhood safe and clean.
(See https://vimeo.com/300608765)

WE OFFER OUR SUPPORT to the St. Johns Christian Church, current Hazelnut Grove residents, Do Good Multnomah, and the Joint Office of Homeless Services and we will maintain messaging consistent with project facts and with approval from the project partners.

WE ARE COMMITTED TO WORKING TOGETHER WITH PROJECT STAKEHOLDERS AND ALL NEIGHBORS TO ENSURE THE VILLAGE IS A SUCCESS AND AN ASSET IN OUR COMMUNITY, including the ones mentioned above, all elected officials representing St. Johns, the St. Johns and Cathedral Park Neighborhood Associations, St. Johns Boosters, St. John’s Bachelor Club, St. Johns Center for Opportunity, Wayfinding Academy, The Montessori House of St. Johns, James John Elementary and its Parent-Teacher Association.
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