When I had ECT, I didn't consent too...
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The world needs to know how people are lied to about ECT risks, are subsequently injured and left to fend for themselves.

To do this, I'm making a video about all the injuries and losses we were never informed and sure as hell wouldn't consent to had we known.

Because everyone's experience is unique, It's important to have a collection of responses to accurately demonstrate the degree of devastation ECT causes.

If you have the potential for a lawsuit, I ask that you not participate-- I don't want you cheated out of justice for anything.

This form is simple: I need a name, real or fake, initials or even a number to attach to your quote. If you are looking for work or live in a small community, I encourage you to remain anonymous as making this information public can cause problems.

Next, list one or more things you DID NOT consent to when you had ECT. Some examples of this would be

I did not consent to my kid's childhood being permanently erased from my mind.

I did not consent to permanent emotional impairment.

I did not consent to become permanently disabled, losing my intelligence, losing my career, relationships, social skills.

I did not consent to spontaneous seizures, vision problems, worsening depression.

I did not consent to being called a liar or crazy when I tried to get help for these problems caused by ECT.

When you're done writing what out the things you didn't consent to, check the box that acknowledges that you gave me permission to use your quote in a video.

Once I have enough quotes, I will put it together in a video narrated by me as I am able then post it on Youtube, my website and social media.

Thank you!

ECT Survivor Project: Things I never consented to...
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