Brainstorming Workshop "Utilizing digital tools for HIV/AIDS Prevention" – Application Form for Participation
HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is one of the world’s most serious public health challenges, according to There is, however, a global commitment to preventing new HIV infections and ensuring that everyone tested positive has access to treatment.

The global health community has invested years of significant efforts in controlling HIV. The leading government and civil society organizations have organized initiatives worldwide. Our scientific understanding of HIV, its prevention, and treatment has made strides since its recognition. Even so, there are too many people HIV-positive or at risk of HIV who still do not have access to prevention, care, or treatment, and there is still no cure. Further, the HIV epidemic not only affects the health of individuals, but it also impacts households, communities, and the national development, including economic growth. Many of the countries struct hardest by HIV also suffer from other infectious diseases, food insecurity, and other serious problems.

Aiming to tackle this challenge, we invite active students enrolled in Medicine and Life Sciences, Computer Science and Engineering, Design and other faculties to take part in the brainstorming session aimed to create tech-driven project proposals for HIV/AIDS prevention.

The event will be held via a virtual meeting platform. There will be experts giving talks on the modern challenges, technological trends, and the patient/government/caregiver perspective in terms of HIV. After that, the participants will split into teams to collaborate and ideate on project proposals by applying Design Thinking methods.

The workshop will take place in a Zoom meeting on Saturday, May 23 at 11.00 AM. Expect that it will end by 15.00. We will reach out to you before the event to share the meeting link with you.
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Share your motivation to participate in the event! How do you envision a tech solution to preventing or controlling disease outbreaks? What are the main challenges that need to be tackled? You may add any additional links supporting your motivation here.
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