Application for Inclusion in the Pitch Smart Compliance Program
Name of Organization
Organization Website
Physical Address of Organization
Organization's Primary Contact Person
Contact Person's Affiliation with Organization
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Contact Person Email
Please select the age group(s) for which the organization offers events or programming (select all that apply)
Please select the types of events the organization is involved with (select all that apply)
Please select the months in which pitchers in your organization compete
Are pitch count rules currently enforced in the organization?
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If yes, what are the current pitch count rules?
Which level of compliance is the organization applying for?
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Is the organization willing and able to do the following?
Agree with the philosophies of the Pitch Smart program
Promote Pitch Smart awareness through the web and social media
Promote Pitch Smart awareness through on-site awareness (ex: signage and handouts)
Distribute Pitch Smart information to coaches, players, and parents
Develop a plan and continue to show progress towards the adoption of all standards of "Select Pitch Smart Compliance" or "Full Pitch Smart Compliance" in coming years
When available, host a link to the Introduction to Pitch Smart online course from the organizational website
Recommend that players, parents, and coaches adhere to all age-specific Pitch Smart guidelines
Encourage coaches to include Pitch Smart information in team orientation meetings with parents and players
Include a Pitch Smart informational segment in formal coaches' meeting(s)
Follow Pitch Smart guidelines pertaining to pitch counts and rest periods across select competitions
Follow Pitch Smart guidelines pertaining to pitch counts and rest periods across all competitions
Provide feedback on the implementation of the Pitch Smart program into events
Clear selection
The Pitch Smart Compliance Application may be submitted with additional resources. Examples of additional resources may include the organization's official pitching rules, arm care data, or anything else the submitter deems relevant and appropriate supplementary documents. However, this is not required.
Thank you for your interest in participating in the Pitch Smart program and for your organization's commitment to the betterment of our game through the health and safety of our youth. The Pitch Smart Compliance Committee will be in touch with the appropriate organizational personnel in the next several weeks to discuss the organization's inclusion in the Pitch Smart Compliance program.
All applications and organizations will be reviewed by the Pitch Smart Compliance Committee, inclusive of Major League Baseball and USA Baseball personnel. The Pitch Smart Compliance Committee reserves the right to determine the appropriate level of compliance for which the organization is the best fit. However, by submitting this application, the organization is not guaranteed acceptance to one of the levels of compliance. The organization may be contacted during the review process and will be contacted upon final decision of the Pitch Smart Compliance Committee. The level of compliance in which the organization enters the Pitch Smart Compliance program must be agreed upon, and upheld, by both parties.
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