Chicken Licken: a Tale Jam - Survey about Family-Friendly Theatre Events
This is a completely anonymous survey to help us to develop how we engage with families online for our theatre events.
1. Do you attend family-friendly theatre events? *
If yes, what draws you to a family-friendly theatre event?
2. How do you find out about family-friendly theatre events? *
What factors are important to you when considering going to a family-friendly theatre event?
Would pre-event activities online be of interest to you and your family? *
If yes, what would these activities be? *
Do you ever use QR Codes to access websites? (scanning codes with your camera/scanner) *
Post the event, song tracks from the show will be available to download. Is this something that interests you? *
Thank you for taking part in this survey. If there is anything else you would like to add, please do so here:
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