Intersection Audit
Walk to a nearby intersection with a traffic light.

NOTE: We recommend doing this activity at the following times, but will gladly accept data outside of these peak travel windows.

Weekday, 10 am — 12 pm
Weekday, 5-7 pm
Saturday, 12-2 pm
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Participant's Name *
Date and time you're doing this activity (Ex: 4/2/20, 11-11:30 am) *
What intersection are you auditing? Provide both streets. (Ex: King Street/Calhoun Street, Peninsula) *
What is the speed limit? If you don't see a sign posted, please note that. *
When it is safe to do so, cross the street when you reach your intersection and explain how you felt. Did you have enough time to cross? Did drivers yield? Did you feel safe and seen?
At the intersection, is the following infrastructure and signage present?
Yes, but broken/subpar
Some, not all
Sidewalks leading to intersection from all sides
Crosswalk at each leg of intersection
Ramps at 4 corners for wheelchair access
Pedestrian timer OR "Walk/Don't Walk" signal
Bike lanes
Overhead lighting
Bus stop (within view)
Clear selection
Please explain if you marked anything in the previous question as other than "Yes" or "No."
For 5 minutes, count people passing through the intersection. Please list your counts by mode below. (Ex: 5 bicyclists, 15 on foot, 1 in wheelchair, 3 babies in strollers)
Additional notes (optional)
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