Third Rocket League Tracker New Site Survey
Once again, THANK YOU for helping in the previous rounds of feedback, it was super helpful. We think it's goona be the last one.
For the full list of changes:
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We changed the profile layout a bit once again. The lifetime stats and Reward Level are now on the left, and we added a "Grid" view to the Playlists section. What do you think?
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You never needed to login with Steam or register to the site to see your profile. You could always just write your Steam username, so we changed the search experience a little to make it more clear. Also, you can now copy/paste steam profile URLs to find other players. What do you think?
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Another one of your requests - OBS Overlay!
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We changed a lot of other things (link above to the full changelog). Is there any thing else you would like to share with us? We are happy to hear any other thoughts or feedback you might have. More of your requests are coming soon, like "Favorites", for example.
Today, how would you rate the new Rocket League Tracker site with all the changes?
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Today, do you still prefer the older site over the new one?
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