Interplay 2018, call to artists, due May 11
Hello Everyone! This is Deanna Peters, aka Mutable Subject, the curator and producer of Interplay. After great shows the last two years, I'm very pleased to announce that Interplay will be returning in 2018. Special thanks to Vancouver's Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre who have been generously presenting this series since 2012. See this link for some past context:

Interplay produces works that promote, challenge and experiment with collaborative and/or multidisciplinary creation and/or performance. It is open to all artists, from all disciplines, at any stage in their career, who are interested in creating for a performance context. Site-specific works, in and around the building, are also eligible.

Interplay is an end-of-summer event, taking place September 7 & 8 at 8pm in Moberly's intimate Studio Theatre, 7646 Prince Albert St, on Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh territory (Vancouver). Located in Moberly Park, the accessible studio converts into a black box theatre and has a sprung Marley floor. Photos of the space are provided below.

Works can be between 1–15 minutes in length. If you are submitting for a durational/site-specific project, please describe how your proposed project can fit into a shared bill, 'festival' context.

Interplay provides a technical director and stage manager. There are technical capabilities and support, although limited. Tech times will be organized for Sep 5–6. Each group is allotted a minimum of 2 hours with the technical director. A technical rehearsal with the whole group will also be organized.

Participating artists have access to the Moberly studio-theatre for Interplay rehearsals, free of charge, between Aug 13–Sep 4.

Remuneration will be the equal division of all ticket and concession/bar sales between each group following the production. Past shows average $270/work, although we're always open to input and ideas around how to increase this. Interplay encourages projects that address the parameters of this call, including the financial compensation.

Pooling everyone's resources, promotion of the show will be a joint effort between myself, Moberly and all show artists and their communities. Graphic design, website and digital promotional materials will be provided. There is a history of Interplay being covered in the media and continued publicity will be sought. Professional video documentation will be provided and digital files will be shared with a representative from each work.

For artists outside Vancouver, a letter can be provided for travel grant and other application support.

You can submit applications for more than 1 work, but please do so in separate applications.

Please submit your application by May 11, 2018, 11:59pm. All artists will be notified by May 18, 11:59pm.

Any questions or input? Please email


header photo by Yvonne Chew

Photo of Moberly in studio mode. You can see the risers, put away at the back. There are black drapes that can be pulled around the entire space, to put it in theatre mode. There is a folding white wall at the back which can be projected upon. We've also projected onto the floor, as well as other bespoke setups.
Photo of Moberly in theatre mode, taken from the audience's perspective, from 'Mörkö' by Cindy Mochizuki & Emma Hendrix
Moberly from the outside (photo looks circa 1985, but it still totally looks like this... Vancouver's only theatre in a park).
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