MakerSpace Charlotte Nov 2018 Survey
1:03 PM

It's been a year since we've moved into our current space at 1801 N Tryon and our membership has grown by leaps and bounds. This anniversary seems like a good time to take a breath and take inventory of how we as a MakerSpace are doing, how we can serve your needs better, how we can engage the community, and how we can encourage member contribution. We haven't seen some members to the space in quite some time, and it just seemed like the right time to get some feedback!

Please leave blank any questions which you do not feel apply to you. It will still submit!
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I visit the MakerSpace:
My main reasons for coming to the MakerSpace are (pick as many as apply)...
I feel that my monthly membership to the MakerSpace provides me with a good value.
What would add more value to your MakerSpace membership?
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Have you taken a class at MakerSpace in the last 3 months?
If not, what has prevented you from taking a class or more classes?
What are the best days and times of day (morning, afternoon, evening) for you to take classes?
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How satisfied are you with the classes offered at MakerSpace Charlotte?
What feedback would you want to share about classes at MakerSpace Charlotte?
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Which of these Areas of Interest would you be likely to attend an event or take a class?
Would you be interested in teaching a class at MakerSpace?
What topic would you like to teach? If you prefer, would you be interested in being a one-to-one or small group mentoring?
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What experience do you have with using the tools at the MakerSpace?
General Electronics
3D Printing
Laser Cutting
Basic Wood Shop Tools
Large Wood Shop Tools (Table Saw, Router Table)
Machine Shop (Bridgeport, Lathe)
X-Carve CNC
How often do you check or read the e-mail notifications for upcoming events at MakerSpace?
How often do you check the MakerSpace Slack?
Which social media services are most important to you?
Have you checked out the new MakerSpace website?
How well does the website communicate what the MakerSpace is all about?
What improvements would you make to the website?
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Are you willing to write articles for or contribute photos to the website?
Organizing tools and supplies is a task we are continuously working to improve. Has the organization of the Shop and Work Space affected your enjoyment or the usefulness of the space?
Would you be willing to come in on a weekend for an Organizing Session for one of these work areas?
We have recently had Potluck events and members bringing food from home. We also had a pasta making class which was very popular. How interested would you be in attending a cooking presentation or demonstration?
Would you be willing to make a financial contribution to defray the cost of these cooking events?
I am interested in:
Have you worked on a Maker project in the last 6 months?
What's preventing you from making progress on your Maker project?
Would you be interested in being on a MakerSpace committee?
What committee would you be interested in serving on?
Please share any other feedback you might have!
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Do you wish to be contacted after the survey with regards to your responses?
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