(JLM) Feedback 2018
As a valued user of (JLM) we would appreciate it if you would take this brief survey. Your feedback is important to us as we continue to grow in terms of content, usability, and reach. Please help us collect data to inform our next steps in development and to communicate our value to stakeholders.
In the last year, how many times have you visited JLM and found information or resources that positively impacted your ability to teach, learn, or support Jewish educators?
Which types of materials have you utilized or researched using JLM?
Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
JLM equips educators to discover and utilize high quality Jewish educational resources in a unique and convenient manner.
JLM empowers Jewish educators in a variety of settings to discover and utilize outstanding, age appropriate books, songs, videos, projects, crafts, games, activities, and lesson plans.
JLM helps me identify Jewish educational resources that I would have no other way to easily discover or access
JLM has expanded my repertoire of 'tools' as a Jewish educator by providing a variety of relevant, engaging resources, information, pedagogic strategies and sources.
In general, it is challenging to find high-quality Jewish educational resources aims to support Jewish education in diverse environments. Please indicate which positions or roles you hold which have been positively impacted by the information or resources accessed on the site.
Approximately how many community members and/or students do you impact throughout the course of a calendar year?
Please share a brief 1-3 sentence reflection on the ways in which you have benefited from the content of testimonials of our users in terms of the positive impact and/or the unique benefits that provides have been invaluable in our marketing, promotion, and funding efforts.
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Is there any other feedback that you would like to offer at this time?
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