The XR Awards: your choice!
It has been a challenging year for the VR/AR industry, with now so many events to attend and stories to tell. So, here we are: we want to know what drives you to these virtual worlds. Let us know below, and join us in the following months for another year of wonders!


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Only the best
This is simple: 5 questions, no complicated categories. An immersive experience can be virtual or augmented, in theater or headsets. We're focus to share the best experiences of our industries; no matter what they are. Interactive or linear, video-games or fiction, location based or not.. So, we choose 5 categories: your turn to tell us what were the best experiences of 2018.
The Best Immersive Experience of 2018
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The Best Animated Experience of 2018
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The Best Documentary Experience of 2018
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The Best Immersive Game of 2018
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The Best Immersive Event of 2018 (festival, summit, show, talk, conference...)
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As we publish every week new experiences, we'll love to get to know you better.

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