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We are currently making an evaluation of our database. Please provide us with some basic information about yourself and your purposes and experiences with the dataset available on this site. Thank you for helping us to improve our services!

Hungarian Demographic Research Institute - SEEMIG Communication

1. Are you...? *
2. How did you hear about the SEEMIG Database? *
3. What is the purpose of your current visit? *
4. What data / information are you looking for in the database? Please specify. *
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5. Could you find what you needed? *
6. Which countries did you need data from? (more than one answer is possible) *
7. For which other countries would you require similar data (if any)? *
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8. How useful was the database for your purposes? *
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9. How easily could you find the information you needed? *
10. What use did you make of the data you found on the site? (more than one answer is possible) *
11. If you calculated new indices from data found on the site, please specify what these were.
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12. How would you evaluate the SEEMIG database in general? *
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13. Was there anything you are missing from the dataset? What further data-areas would you find important to be covered in the SEEMIG dataset? Do you have any recommendations for further improvement? Please elaborate. *
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