Closet Makeover
Yay! You've made the decision to harness the power of your wardrobe! Let me help you conquer your closet so you can get to conquering your day...while looking flawless.

A closet makeover means:
You'll know that each piece in your closet has a purpose and works well on your body shape
Your style is defined, making future shopping trips more productive
Your pieces are arranged to make getting dressed easy and fun
Previously loved pieces will be donated

To get ready for our experience:
1. Do a closet sweep and put aside anything with stains, holes, obviously out of style, too big or too little.
2. Make a section of pieces that you aren't sure to keep or not. I'll ask you to try on some items so I can see how they fit your shape.

A closet makeover typically takes 1.5 - 2 hours or more depending on how in depth you'd like to get. If you want to just go through your pieces and talk styling, make a closet capsule, or filter what looks best on your body type-I'd carve out 1.5 hours. If you'd like to do a full makeover which includes taking everything out and organizing piece by piece, I would block 3 hours. My fee is $75 per hour which includes taking any unwanted items to local charitable organizations such as My Sister's House or Uplift Charleston.
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