Locally Led Conservation Survey

The Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Franklin, Grand Isle, and Lamoille Conservation Districts are seeking your ideas to focus our outreach activities and cost share programs over the next year in the Northwest Zone.

We hope to incorporate the goals and needs of residents into developing priorities for program direction and funding. To do this, we need your help in deciding which environmental concerns, along with their appropriate solutions, are most important in each of our counties. This survey is open to all residents, farmers, farm workers, forest owners, loggers, and resource professionals.

Your feedback will be considered by regional professionals in resource management and agriculture, and incorporated into the NRCS's ranking system for awarding financial assistance to producers.

You may check more than one box for each question.

Which county do you represent? *
In your opinion, which land uses should receive the most financial assistance? *
Which of the following practices are an implementation priority on land you manage or provide assistance for? *
Other Comments? (For example: additional practices that should be prioritized, NRCS specifications on practices, level of financial assistance provided for practices, timeline or process of working with NRCS... Please note that some decisions are made at the state or national level. We will do our best to incorporate your feedback!)
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