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This form is for NEW membership registration only.
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This will be the email address CSA will use to send reminders for events and other notifications.
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Sailor's Boat: Make and Model
If you don't have a boat for the club, yet, that's OK -- just enter NONE
Sail number (if known)
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Membership Level Desired *
If you aren't yet completely clear on what option to choose here, please call 314-325-9283
Insurance information
Liability insurance is required for all boats sailing at CSA. Please enter your insurance carrier and the policy number pertaining to your boat(s), separated by a comma
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Are you new to CSA?
For special events, we like to recognize new sailors. Don't be bashful.
The person who introduced me to CSA: *
For special events, we like to recognize those who are spreading knowledge of the sport of sailing.
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Volunteer Opportunities
CSA runs on Volunteer Energy. Do you have a specific skill set that would benefit CSA? Please indicate your interests by checking as many boxes as apply to you or your family members.
Would you like to share your birthday or anniversary information?
Name/Birthday: 12/12/2001 Name/Anniversary: 01/01/2018
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