Join Bounty (XBTY) Twitter campaign
Help us spread the word about GetBounty project to receive XBTY as reward.
628,318 XBTY available for Twitter campaign.

Stake: 0.1 XBTY / Follower / Week
e.g. If your twitter account has 3000 followers, your stake is 300 XBTY / week

- You must follow and keep following our twitter page @GetYourBounty;
- You must retweet our tweets which contain #getbounty tag;
- If your retweet activity is too low you risk to be kicked from the campaign;
- You will be excluded from the bounty for spamming accounts, bots, etc;
- You must have a minimum of 150 Followers to be accepted;

Your Ethereum address to receive XBTY *
Your Twitter account *
Number of Followers *
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