Animal Wonders Animal Care Specialist
Animal Wonders is seeking a passionate individual to help us care for a variety of amazing wild and exotic animals through the busy summer season. The right person for the job:

-Will be dedicated to quality work and attentive to details.
-Have excellent communication skills to effectively share important information about observed animal behavior.
-Strive to maintain quality care for the animals and make improvements when possible.
-Will understand the huge responsibility caring for animals in captivity requires.
-Able to accept instruction and correction readily for the goal of providing the animals with high quality care.

The duties of the Animal Care Specialist include:

- Preparing a wide variety of animal diets
- Feeding the animal residents
- Creating enrichment for the animal residents
- Cleaning habitats, enclosure furniture, and toys
- Documenting animal behavior and updating animal records

20-25 hours per week
Seasonal position: mid-June - Aug 28th (flexible)

Job Requirements:
18+ years old
Able to lift 50lbs
Stand and perform light physical activities for 8 hour shifts
Able to work with and around all animal species that create normal amounts of dust and dander
Reliable transportation

Previous animal care experience
Previous animal training experience
Experience with public speaking or education
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Guinea Pigs at Animal Wonders
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