Souvenir Suggestion (Stage 1)
[Souvenir Suggestion Period 1]

A 2-week Souvenir Suggestion Period has now begun!

After receiving some feedback from our fellows, the Students' Welfare Committee has decided to promote its souvenirs in a new way through holding a 'Souvenir Suggestion Period'.

There are two stages in this period.
The first stage (Stage 1) starts from 19/2 (Wednesday) to 1/3 (Sunday). During this period, ALL Wahyanites can convey their ideas on souvenirs through completing the Google form (link in bio). After the collection of data and consultation of both teacher advisors and student advisors, the Students' Association will select from the top 20% of the most popular suggestions to the second round (Stage 2), where the chosen product will be created. The details and arrangements of Stage 2 will be announced later.

Rules and Regulations:
*Applicants should complete the form on or before 1/3. Late suggestions will NOT be considered.
*The suggestions have to be approved by both teacher advisors and the student advisors.
*The Students' Welfare Committee of Wah Yan College, Kowloon reserves the right of the final decision in the case of any disputes.

Should you have further enquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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