2020/02/11 Resume Workshop
就業好難,找不到實習?提交了無數簡歷卻石沉大海? 快來TYPAN! 快來TYPAN! 快來TYPAN!

身爲國際學生,在美國就業難度毋庸置疑。隨著國際學生比例每年增加,在美國就業卻越發困難。關鍵問題:什麼最能讓你心儀的公司相中你呢?毋庸置疑是一張漂亮的簡歷!簡歷是門面,是基礎。 它的含金量決定了你是否能在眾多求職者中脫穎而出。 一張好的簡歷不但能讓公司看到你的優點,更重要的是凸顯你的特色,讓HR找到一個非你不可的理由!

如何寫一張出彩的簡歷卻是一大難題。不用擔心,有TYPAN在!我們邀請了各領域專業人才,爲你的簡歷做打算,爲你的將來盡心盡力。在我們的 Resume Workshop 將會有專業講者群分享求職經驗和撰寫簡歷的策略,當天的 Q&A 時間也將為你解決各種困惑, 同時我們也會針對不同工作領域分配小組學習討論,交流經驗,對你的簡歷提出修改意見。經過這次活動,你的簡歷肯定“更上一層樓”。討論同時,我們也將提供餐食,讓你邊學邊開心。還不快來取經嗎?

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時間: Feb. 11th 5:50pm - 8:00pm
地點: Savery Hall (SAV) 166 @UW
票價:會員 $3, 非會員 $5 (提供餐食!)
*** 注意事項 *** 已經有履歷的朋友們,當天將有講師和同儕們能針對你的履歷提供有建設性的回饋,建議你當天可以攜帶至少三份自己的紙本履歷~還沒有履歷的朋友們也別擔心,這次的講座將是一個學習撰寫你第一份履歷的絕佳機會,趕快來參加吧~


Having trouble finding jobs or internships? Submitting tons of resumes but never getting any response? Look no further, come to TYAPN for all the help you need!

As international students, we definitely have it harder when it comes to finding jobs in America, and as the amount of international students increase over the years the difficulty only grows as well. Then comes the question: How can we overcome this? The answer is a well constructed resume. If done correctly, it will become the key that helps you grasp that dream job by outshining your competitors. With emphasis on special qualities and unique abilities, HR will be much more inclined to choose you!

How, though, to piece together the perfect resume is the critical skill, but don’t fret, as TYAPN is here to help! We have invited experts from various fields to provide specific advice for constructing your resume. Our Resume Workshop will also host speakers to share their resume tips and application experiences to smooth your path out. To be effective and efficient, we will have grouped discussions based on field of work as well as a dedicated Q&A session for any questions!
To top things off, we provide drinks and snacks during this workshop, so get ready for a good time while polishing out your new, shiny resume!

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Time: Feb. 11th 5:50pm - 8:00pm
Location: Savery Hall (SAV) 166 @UW
Price: $3 for members, $5 for non-members (dinner included!)
*** Note *** If you have a resume, we strongly encourage you to bring at least three printed copies! You will have the chance to get constructive feedback from the panelists and your peers. If you do not have a resume yet, this workshop is a great start to brainstorm your strengths and find out what to put in your resume!
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