LOADSHEDDING - Cellphone Base Station Battery Backup
As we are sure many of you have experienced, during load shedding Hout Bay loses cell coverage across the majority of the valley. CCP is attempting to come up with a solution for the cell phone companies that operate cell towers for a backup power solution, as well as how to ensure that their infrastructure is secure. Battery theft is rife all over South Africa costing the companies millions of rand thanks to vandals and thieves. During January this year alone, MTN reported 703 batteries stolen in 122 incidents.

We believe that a lack of cell service at any time is a major security risk, as people are not able to call for help when they may need it, whether it be by phone call, a whatsapp message or an alert on Buzzer. Because of this we are looking at how we can help secure the infrastructure to ensure Hout Bay is not left in complete darkness when loadshedding hits; that people can stay in contact and that businesses can continue to operate.

We need your help to know how far the impact stretches across the valley, so that we can present this data to the big cell companies to help motivate for the backup power systems to be fitted at the base stations around the valley.
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