Satellite imagery for Spatial-data-platform: user needs questionnaire
An united spatial data platform for public administration is one of the Finnish government’s priority projects and is funded thru the Ministry of agriculture and forestry. The aim of this project is to harmonise and bring together various data storages concerning spatial data collected by different government and public sector entities and make them more easily available for both general public and commercial use. The project consist of eight sub-projects each concentrating on different themes.

The sub-project "Distribution and processing of satellite imagery" aims to create the basis for automation of invigilation and environmental monitoring services carried out by different governmental administrations. Additionally increasing Finnish exports from small and medium-sized enterprises working in the field of remote sensing is aspired. To fulfil these goals we would like to know how aware you are about currently available satellite data products and for what sort of data and products there is demand.

Please help by answering the questionnaire below. By leaving your email address you will be able to edit your answers later and gain access to the summary results of this questionnaire. If you don't want to leave us your address fill as email
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Copernicus program & Sentinel satellite missions

Copernicus is a European Union Programme aimed at developing European information services based on satellite Earth Observation and in situ (non-space) data. Copernicus data is paid for by member states of the EU and are thus made available to everyone governments, businesses and common citizen alike free of charge. See this short description of the EU Earth Observation program Copernicus to see what free and open data is available:

Sentinels are collection of six families of satellites developed for purposes of Copernicus programme. Each Sentinel family consist of two or more identical satellites build to observe some aspect of our environment. Sentinel 1 for example is a radar instrument that can be used for change detection and observing sea ice situation during winter. Sentinel 2 provides us with high resolution images over land areas and Sentinel 3 is used for observing water levels, quality and temperature. Sentinel 1 & 3 are already in operational use with two active satellites in each and first Sentinel 3 satellite was launched recently and is going through commission phase.  You can read more on Sentinels on:
1. Are you familiar with Copernicus/Sentinel data or products? *
Describe your activity potentially benefiting from EO data
Would your business benefit form seeing your area of activity from space? Please help us understanding your needs.
2. What is your application / need for images & data? *
3. What sector does your interest represent? *
Describe the data you could use
Please help us understanding your knowledge of Copernicus satellite data and your technical abilities to process these.
4. What type of instrument data are you interested in?
5. What form of data are you interested in *
Describe your spatial and temporal
7. Area of interest? Please indicate size and name places and areas of interest in the Other... field? *
8. How often do you need this data? specify multiple cycles if applicable. *
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