Vajra Dance Mandala Painting with Migmar, 11. - 18 May 2017, Merigar East, Romania
When: 11. - 18.5.2017

Where: Merigar East, Romania

GPS 43.911195, 28.612475000000018

How to get to Merigar East by car from Bucharest:

For other possibilities of the transport please visit our website here:

This is an excellent opportunity to collaborate together and contribute to the manifestation of Vajra Dance Mandalas. We will do this under the guidance of Migmar Tsering, expert on traditional Tibetan painting, who will share with us his experience and knowledge. Migmar is a well know Tibetan artist that has collaborated for almost 20 years in many important projects of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu for the Dzogchen Community.

Migmar is asking for 5 volunteers who can work a few hours every day. These can receive accommodation and food from the Gar.

We are also open to receive a limited number of people willing to collaborate for shorter periods of time or just to gather together to perform the different activities and collective practices:

Camping with a tent: 2 Euro/night
Accommodation in the Multifunctional House: 5 Euro/night

Migmar Tsering

From a young age he studied Tibetan painting and decoration in Lhasa. From the age of seventeen to twenty-three he was living and working at Zangdogpalri monastery, in Kongpo, east Tibet, the monastery of Dudjom Rinpoche, where Chod Nyid Rinpoche and his wife, Khadro Dechen Rinpoche, the daughter of Dudjom Rinpoche, started to rebuild the monastery and in that period was looking for artists to decorate the monastery. In the same period he studied thangka painting.

Then he went to Galenteng Monastery, in Derge county, Sichuan Province where he painted and decorated the la-brang, the old house of the Abbot Khyentse Chökyi Wangchuk, uncle of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. When he finished Namkhai Norbu invited him to Merigar where he has been living ever since.

From his arrival to Italy he directed and executed, among other projects, the decorations of the Gompas of Merigar West - Italy, Tashigar Norte – Venezuela, Merigar East - Romania, Kunsangar South - Ukraina, the M.A.C.O. “Museum of Art and Oriental Culture” in Arcidisso, Italy, the chӧrten of Kunsangar South. His most recent work was the construction of the “Palbar Chörten” the Victory Stupa at Merigar West in January 2017.

If you cannot come for this great Karmayoga opportunity, but would like to contribute anyway, please consider making a donation:

For any other questions please contact Merigar East Blue Gakyil:
Alexandru Anton - +4 0727 958 853;

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