CUSE Fellowships Post-Application Survey
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For which fellowship did you submit an application?
Did the fellowship application process help you to do the following? *
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Acquire, synthesize, and communicate knowledge related to your intellectual interests
Recognize moral and ethical questions related to your intellectual interests
Consider how you might use your intellectual interests to contribute to the common good
Formulate ideas about how to articulate, set, and advance toward your academic and professional goals
Think critically about your intellectual interests
Develop creative or innovative ideas about how to pursue your intellectual interests
Reflect on how your undergraduate education and postgraduate study/service/research can contribute to your academic and professional development
If there was a Sakai site associated with your fellowship application, how helpful was it?
Please do not answer this question if there was not a Sakai site associated with your fellowship application. 5 is very helpful; 4 is somewhat helpful; 3 is neither helpful nor not helpful; 2 is somewhat unhelpful; 1 is not at all helpful.
Not at all helpful
Very helpful
Would you recommend to other students that they work with CUSE on fellowships applications, if it was optional for them? *
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