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Dear East Cesar Chavez Local Business Owners, November 7, 2016

Congratulations! East Cesar Chavez has been chosen as Austin’s next IBIZ District! The district officially launches on January 1, 2017. This introductory note is meant to give you some basic information and help us gather the contact information for the locally owned businesses on and near East Cesar Chavez.

What is an IBIZ District?
Created by the non-profit Austin Independent Business Alliance in 2004, the nationally recognized, award-winning IBIZ District program supports and promotes neighborhood business districts throughout Austin where 75% of the businesses are locally owned. We work with the district’s merchants to brand and market each district’s unique experiences in local shopping, dining, entertainment and services.

What are the benefits of an IBIZ District?
• Marketing and branding - including the annual Guide to IBIZ Districts, a multipage, color publication with maps and business listings, which is distributed throughout Austin to locals and tourists; and a district page on AustinIBIZ.com which includes videos, business listings, maps, and more
• Communication and Community Building - inclusion in annual IBIZ Districts program-wide events such as the Holiday Shop Hop and more, each district has a private list serv and IBIZ District merchant meetings
• Problem Solving - assistance with district specific issues

Is there a cost to participate?
No. There is no fee to merchants to be included in the district.

Who can participate?
• Businesses on East Cesar Chavez, side streets or nearby that are at least 51% locally owned
• Owners, managers, or other staff may represent the business at meetings, on the list serv, etc.

What’s next?
Sign up and stay tuned! Once we have everyone’s information we’ll announce the date, time and location of our first meeting. At this meeting we will discuss the IBIZ program, the district’s marketing needs and direction, and other neighborhood issues. Please contact me with any questions! I look forward to working with you!

Dean Lofton
IBIZ Districts Director, Dean@IbuyAustin.com, 512-636-1346
IBIZ Districts are a program of the Austin Independent Business Alliance and the Local Economies Council and are co-sponsored by the City of Austin through the Small Business Program.

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