Acro Disclaimer Form

1. I understand and agree that gymnastics is hazardous and that injury can result from this.
2. I understand and agree the use of Splitz facility and equipment, otherwise than in accordance with the teacher’s instruction
may itself be hazardous and lead to injury.
3. I understand and agree that pupils will not be allowed inside the sports hall without a qualified teacher.
4. I understand and agree that pupils may only bring bottled water into class.
5. I understand and agree that no jewellery is allowed to be worn during gymnastics including earrings, taping up of earrings in NOT acceptable.

I further certify that:
1. The participant is physically fit and able to take the strain and exertion needed for gymnastics.
2. I will inform a member of staff of any past or current injuries that may affect my child’s abilities to participate.
3. My child has no medical condition that may be triggered or aggravated by participating in gymnastics.
4. I agree my child will adhere to the safety regulations set out by staff.
5. I understand and agree hair must be tightly tied in a suitable style for gymnastics and that all long fringes will be clipped back securely

Splitz reserves the right to refuse entry or remove a pupil not abiding by these rules.
Student Name
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