Self-Care Sunday Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in Parenting for Liberation's Self-Care Sunday. Please complete this questionnaire as we work to build a day of healing and care to support the work of Parenting for Liberation.
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This gathering is for Black parents. We define "Black" and "parent" expansively. "Black" from across the African-diaspora (African from the continent, African American/US-born, Afro-Latinx, from the Caribbean, mixed race, etc). "Parent" includes those who provide caregiving, childrearing, raising, and nurturing to Black children (both biological and non-biological). Given this context for "Black parent," please describe yourself and your parenting identity. (ex: I am a US-born Black woman and I am co-parenting with my husband who is from the Caribbean. We are raising two black children, ages 10 and 15). *
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