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I am pleased that you are considering joining one of our Online Process-oriented Training Groups for Clinicians. These groups are filled with compassionate clinicians that are dedicated to creating a rich, deep and meaningful process experience each week.

If you have not yet read the description of these groups you can take a moment to read it here.

Currently I have two different groups:

(1) Tuesday Evening Group 7:30-9:00pm (Central Time) - Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month
Group Leader: Nate Page, PhD, Licensed Psychologist & Certified Group Psychotherapist
Open spots: 2

(2) Thursday Evening Group - 7:30-9:00pm (Central Time) - Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month
Group Leader: Nate Page, PhD, Licensed Psychologist & Certified Group Psychotherapist
Open spots: 2

Group members are mental health clinicians that want an ongoing process group experience.

This is not a therapy groups, yet the boundaries /norms of confidentiality will be observed and members may bring into the group anything that is meaningful to their experience as a therapist and as a human being.

This is a relational process groups. We will continually activate, illuminate, and process the HERE-AND-NOW dynamics of our relationships together. The content of the group will be driven by group members wants/needs. Themes surrounding attachment styles, relationship concerns, burnout/compassion fatigue, finances and money management/mindsets, impostor syndrome, and other issues related to being a clinician will surface...but that is just the beginning of where this group could go. The group may also decide to create space for consultation and masterminding work as needed. The goal of the group is to immerse ourselves in a process experience while also being able to reflect on this experience in a way that is meaningful to professional development as therapists. This group is similar to an institute experience at an AGPA or affiliate society conference, but it will be ongoing.

The structure of the group will be is 75 minutes of group processing and then 15 minutes of debrief/didactic.

This group will be ongoing in nature and it is anticipated that members will stay in the group for 6-18 months. There is no required minimum number of sessions. We do hold the expectation that you let us know about your plans to "graduate" from the group ahead of time so that we have some time to process the impact and experience of you leaving the group.

Information shared in group will be treated with the same level of confidence as a therapy group by the group leader. Likewise, all participants in the group are asked to keep identifying details of fellow group members confidential. Information will not be released without your expressed permission. The rare exceptions to this norm of confidentiality are the same as they would be for a therapy group:

1) If there is reason to believe you might be in imminent danger of seriously harming yourself or others;
2) If there is reason to believe that a child or vulnerable adult has been, or is likely to be, abused or neglected;
3) If there is a valid court order which requires disclosure of information.
4) Information about the use of an illegal drug for a non-medical purpose during pregnancy
5) Information about the sexual exploitation by a counseling or other health care professional

The leader will keep information of who was in attendance for each group meeting, but will NOT maintain any other records (e.g. progress notes).

We hope meet up in-person once per calendar year for a full day or two of group processing.We will discuss this option together as a group, and will only move forward if the group (as a whole) makes a decision to meet together.

An important component of this group will probably be processing feelings and mindsets regarding payment for group therapy services. We will work within our group to appropriately attend to each member's personal and professional financial needs and goals.
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