Student Survey 2016-2017
I am in grade:
My school has specific goals that I understand.
The main purpose of my school is to help students learn.
Teachers make it clear what I am supposed to learn.
I know why it is important for me to learn what I am taught.
My classes challenge me to think.
Teachers expect all students to work hard.
Teachers expect all students to succeed.
My classes are usually interesting.
Teachers give me challenging work.
Teachers make learning interesting by teaching in a variety of different ways.
Students feel free to express their opinions and ideas.
My teachers help me when I don't understand something.
Teachers give extra help when it is needed.
Students are given many chances to show what they have learned.
Grades are given fairly.
Discipline problems are handled fairly.
The adults in my school work well together.
My teachers care about me as a person.
The adults in my school show respect for me.
Students respect those who are different from them.
Teachers and adults here show respect for each other.
I feel safe when I am at school.
I can participate in many different activities.
The school environment makes it easy to learn.
I know how to get help from an adult if I need it.
The teachers care about all students, not just a few.
My teachers contact my family if I am having trouble with my learning.
Many families and adults from the community come to help at the school.
I have enough time to do my homework.
Working with tutors during Evening Study is helpful.
The Extra Help period was helpful for me.
The Behavioral Matrix gave me a clearer understanding of Nativity's Four Pillars.
What was your greatest accomplishment this year?
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What was your greatest struggle this year?
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What is your most important goal for next year?
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