FC 2020 Charity Auction Submissions
Greetings all!

We're open for donations to our 2020 Charity Auction! Proceeds from this auction will benefit The Billy DeFrank LGBTQ+ Community Center. If you have something of value you're willing to donate to our charity auction, please fill out this form!

Items should be delivered to the Further Confusion ART SHOW no later than *SATURDAY by close of Art Show*

*Charity Voice Auction: Sunday, January 19th, time TBA*

Potential charity auction items include:
- Rare, collectible, or one-of-a-kind pieces of furry artwork or merchandise
- Rare/collectible items from Further Confusion history (numbered fursuit tags, etc.)
- Finished costume pieces or entire costumes
- Non-furry fan collectibles (movie merchandise, pop culture merchandise, autographs)

Please do not submit:
- Artwork commission slots (we cannot verify that these are delivered, and would prefer "ready to take home" artwork)
- "YCH" style artwork (same reasons as above)
- Any content that would require a rating above "PG-13"
- Character designs or "adoptables" (AKA "rights" to a character design for personal use, costume creation, etc.)

Thank you, and happy bidding!
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