Application to The Lake Erie Market at the Cedar Point Boat Show
Traditional Vendors under the tent please follow this link:

The Progressive Cedar Point Boat Show has been a tradition for over 40 years. The setting of this show is unsurpassed by being next to the Cedar Point Marina and having the backdrop of the Cedar Point Amusement Park. In front of you are over 100 boats of all shapes and sizes available for in-water demos and purchase. The demographic of the attendees is wonderful for those selling coastal and nautical inspired wares.

This year, the Cedar Point Boat show will unveil a new look, and new logo, and new vendors.

We will invest a large ad budget to the show to showcase all the best features. We will also be working with Cedar Point to develop value added packages with the park and boat show.

In addition to our tradition marine vendor area, we are launching The Lake Erie Market as a new addition to the show this year and will be a mainstay of the show moving forward.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor in the Lake Erie Market at The Cedar Point Boat Show, please fill out the application.

Show Info:
The show this year is August 22, 23, 24, 25.
Thursday, August 22 Noon – 7:30pm
Friday, August 23 10am – 7:30pm
Saturday, August 24 10am – 7:30pm
Sunday, August 25 10 am – 6pm

Lake Erie Market Space:
$399 for a 10x10 space
$799 for a 10x20 space

The Lake Erie Market is strictly for artisans with hand made/ hand crafted nautical and coastal inspired wares.
If you are a traditional marine products or services vendor, or other type of vendor that does not fit into the market, you will apply for our traditional space which is tented and booths are constructed.

Traditional Vendors under the tent please follow this link:

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